Fitness Gifts for Men

If your guy is a fitness buff, giving him something that reflects his pastime is a great way to make sure he’ll actually use and appreciate the gift. Even if the man in your life is just starting on the road to better fitness, you can help him reach his goals. Gadgets, weight lifting equipment and even motivation are good birthday, Christmas or anniversary gifts that show you care about his health.
If he always has to go to the gym to lift weights, because there is not enough space in the house for a lot of dumbbells, Esquire Magazine recommends Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells, which have every standard weight on one bar. He selects the weight he wants by sliding the dial to it and automatically has the right dumbbell at his disposal–without separate units or a large rack. Ankle weights, wrist weights and doorway pull-up bars are also good choices for a guy who is short on space.
Scouring the latest fitness magazines and manufacturers for the best new gadgets is a good way to give him something he doesn’t already have. New gadgets for the fitness-inclined appear every day, including items like Bluetooth connected activity trackers, the latest in heart rate monitors, specialty stop watches, pedometers and watches with built-in GPS. Clothing made from the newest fabrics, such as microfiber or a moisture-wicking polyester, compression-style leggings and accessories such as weight gloves and belts are welcomed items for his daily workouts.
If your guy isn’t a fitness buff, but he’d like to lose a few pounds and get into shape, purchasing a gym membership can get him started. A gym membership may be just the motivation he needs to get moving toward his fitness goals. For something different, a specialty gym, such as Crossfit, boxing, MMA or even rock climbing, or a few sessions with a trainer can help him get going on his goals. Add a membership for the family, and you can join him in his fitness adventure.
A subscription to a fitness magazine gives him something motivational to read on the treadmill. Specialty magazines focused on bodybuilding, camping, diet and nutrition, men’s fitness, outdoor adventures or extreme sports may keep him focused while he’s at the gym and at home after his latest workouts. A magazine subscription is an economical gift that lasts for 12 months.
Add some gym swag to his fitness wardrobe, with items such wrist straps, knee wraps, a weight lifting belt, microfiber towels or a good, insulated water bottle. You can have them personalized with his initials or select items with his favorite sports team logos. For real bragging rights at the gym, buy him an iPod and customize it with songs he loves or that will motivate him, and pair it with personalized arm bands, skins or fitness headphones.